Success Stories
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Christy Jacobson – Uses our program in an adult literacy program, Richmond, California
“I find that Gemstone helps my adult literacy students learn to use their eyes better, which is a pre-requisite for becoming good readers.”

Janice Wurm – A school resource teacher/vision therapist using our program in elementary parochial schools, Wisconsin
“I love Gemstone! The program is just right for kids in school, where we can identify them and get them to work on their visual skills right in the classroom. I have seen many children, in my own practice and in the schools I’ve worked with, turn around due to this program. And the Gemstone office is very helpful when it comes to referring if the child is not making adequate progress.”

Yoshie Morita – In Japan – walking with children, college age students and adults
“In Japan, I use the Gemstone program to help patients in doctor’s offices who have visual skill problems. Often the children are poor readers but sometimes they are adults who have eyes that hurt. The research that we are doing in Japan helps people understand why visual skills are important.”

Ella Faktorovich – A surgeon whose LASIK Pakcals have been helped San Francisco
“My patients improved their binocular vision symptoms after using Gemstone. Although very few LASIK patients develop binocular vision symptoms post-surgery, when they do I recommend internet visual skills training because it works in many cases.”

A tennis player, age 75, Southern California
“I used Gemstone because I heard that improving my visual skills might improve my tennis game. After about 15 sessions, it really did! I could tell that I was “seeing” the ball better, and my team members told me my playing had improved.”

A superintendent using our program in school district, Northern California
“Gemstone has been in our elementary school for about 2 years. Some of the students who have used the program made more rapid progress, especially if they were in our resource classrooms.”

A teacher using our program in juvenile offender classes, Southern California
“The juveniles I work with often have vision problems that go beyond the need for glasses. When they do Gemstone conscientiously, I can often see an improvement in their reading.”