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Children with visual skill problems often appear inattentive. Leaning on one arm or twisting the head can be signs of poor binocular coordination.

To view the video clips and show reels you will need Quick Time. Download the Quick Time Viewer here.

Children –especially those in grade 4 and beyond-- who read poorly often have underlying visual processing issues. One such issue is the ability to control the eyes, and especially to control them simultaneously.

When binocular control is a problem, these children can display the kinds of behaviors seen in the video above: they lean their heads over, they appear inattentive, and they look away from the page.

Upon testing for reading, they tend to skip words or phrases; they read slowly for their grade; and they test poorly.

Gemstone can help you determine whether visual skills are problematic in your students, and if they are we can help you determine the appropriate action.

Check out our Services section to see what might help you most. Contact us for a quote. Remember that we are a non-profit, and will do all we can to keep your costs low.

Whatever the costs to you, part of your payment will go to help further research on the topic of visual skills and academic performance.

A special note to coaches: We sometimes see an improvement in sports performance after children finish visual skills training. The training improves their ability to keep both eyes on the ball!

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